PI Learning Indicator™


The Learning Indicator measures general cognitive aptitude and is the best predictor to learning ability, adaptability and trainability.


Learning Ability

Learning ability reflects a broad and deep capability of understanding our surroundings – ‘catching on’ or ‘making sense’ of things. Learning ability is widely recognized as the single most reliable indicator of performance and career progression. The Learning Indicator is a leading international cognitive ability assessment tool providing you with unique insight into an individual’s on-the-job performance in a future position.

Key features of PI Learning Indicator™:

  • The Learning Indicator  is the only dynamic assessment system. Each assessment is unique as it is generated dynamically from a large pool of questions.
  • It is easily administered via a multi-language web platform.
  • The test exists in 79 languages with more languages being deployed regularly.
  • It takes 12 minutes to complete the 50 questions.
  • Results are presented in a 1 page report for HR or 1 page report for candidate. It provides valuable quantified information about a person’s ability to learn, including indicative measures of numerical, abstract and verbal reasoning ability.
  • There is the possibility to connect the Learning Indicator to your applicant tracking system.
  • Compliance to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
The PI Learning Indicator™ is a registered trademark of The Predictive Index, LLC and is used on this website with permission.

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