AK+Partners Leadership Development Workshops


We help you enhance the skills of your leaders, managers and human resources partners to translate powerful diagnostics into actionable plans.


CATIL® Talent Assessment & Interview Techniques Workshop

“How will you know if you found the right candidate if you don’t know what you are looking for?”

Enhancing talent management with CATIL translates into reducing waste of time and money due to recruitment mistakes, unwanted turnover, loss of talent; and poor succession planning. The CATIL interview is about asking powerful questions and making the most of it. This leadership development workshop covers all steps of a recruitment interview and delivers an effective methodology for a systematic probing of required competencies. Practical exercises are presented by experienced recruiters who coach each participant to optimize the learning experience.


The Predictive Index® Management Seminar (PI Certification course)

The most powerful leadership and management tool used by over 9,000 companies around the globe. The objective of the 2 days seminar is to equip the human resources and management team with a common language and an efficient management tool for operational and strategic people decisions. During the workshop, participants will discover the power of PI Behavioral Assessments and its diverse application to recruitment, development, coaching, profiling job success, organization design, succession planning, and team building.

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The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of The Predictive Index, LLC and is used on this website with permission.

Predictive Index® Refresher

The objective of the PI Behavioral Assessment Refresher is to enable certified PI analysts to enhance their use of the Predictive Index by deepening their understanding of its properties, address questions and challenges faced in the previous month of use. We offer two formats: participation to an open seminar for one or two days, or to one of our 1 hour refreshers via WebEx conferencing. Alternatively, contact us for an in-house Refresher workshop also integrating the PI Learning Indicator and CATIL.


Management & Leadership Development Program

“Because management is about doing things right and leadership is about leading teams to do the right things” P. Drucker

The objective of the Management and Leadership Development Program is to enhance your people skills and set success for the future. The program consists of two modules of 2 days and intermediate individual coaching sessions. Topics covered in the program are: Module 1: gaining impact and influence, managing by objectives, working with Diversity and Inclusion, adapting Management Style, setting priorities and time management, delegation and coaching. Module 2: leading teams, defining a common mission, leveraging the team resources, creating powerful teams that sustain performance and developing synergy.


Strategy Development

Making winning plans happen – We can help you set up winning strategies and plan for execution. The objective of this intense leadership development workshop is to define the “Must-Win-Battles”, setting the direction for success which management teams can successfully implement and track. The Must-Win-Battles are formed step-by-step to lead to key competitive advantages and business implications that must be answered to achieve the overall company mission. During the workshop, the team deep-dives into a thorough SWOT process identifying the issue to the business, going through business war games and getting to the underlying question calling for action.


Managing Change

Far too often management either sets no clear direction or embraces a vision that is no longer realistic. The consequences can be catastrophic and lead to organization burnout. The objective of this workshop is to work with the leadership team to review the change process in order to realize key targets and milestones. It means understanding the context and its challenges, identifying the change agents, and defining the roadmap to change, its KPIs and action plans. Managing change is all about leadership and development of the organization.

CATIL® Coaching Techniques

“Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximize their own performance” John Whitemore

Developing talent and preparing an organization succession pipeline is key to performance sustainability. CATIL coaching is about enabling your line manager and HR professional to take an active role in the growth of employees by transforming performance issues into concrete development actions and shaping future leaders for success. The workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills to handle delicate, frank conversions and to generate actionable development plans. Practical exercises are led by experienced coaches to maximize participants’ learning experience. For PI analysts, the workshop provides an opportunity to learn how to apply the PI Behavioral Assessments for enhanced preparation and greater focus on employees’ needs during coaching sessions.


“Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.” Edward de Bono