Expertise Area


AK+Partners management consultancy delivers pragmatic, sustainable and investment sensitive solutions to organizations’ mission-critical issues. Our approach combines diagnostics, customization and knowledge transfer. Our aim is to make companies stronger by enabling you to streamline processes, identify and build leadership capabilities and align employ across the organization to its culture and strategic goals.


Talent Assessment and Selection

Are you failing to attract the right talent? Is your business performance affected by uncontrolled turnover? Do you have a reliable process for defining the ideal candidate for each position? The war for talent is real. Companies’ ability to win in this area ultimately defines the sustainability of their performance. Success in innovation, cost containment, acquisitions and geographic expansion all depend on having the right people in the right positions. Only those equipped with fast, flexible and reliable processes can capitalize on change and effectively compete.


Working together with clients, we deliver:

  • ORGANIZATIONAL AUDITS to diagnose opportunities, inefficiencies and deviations from best-in-class, and key leverage points in talent assessment.
  • RECRUITMENT PROCESSES to optimize talent attraction and retention.
  • PROFILING METHODS to define critical job requirements for today and tomorrow.
  • ASSESSMENT TOOLS to identify and promote the right people saving time, money and ultimately reinforcing your employer reputation.
  • SKILLS DEVELOPMENT to upgrade assessment capabilities of recruiting front-line managers and HR professionals.

Talent Management and Development

Do you have underperforming organization units? Are your project teams missing the mark? Does your business require new leadership skills or improvements to existing ones? We can help you achieve your company’s mission-critical objectives through challenging and adapted development programs for individuals and teams.


We are experienced in addressing:

  • ORGANIZATION SUCCESSION PLANNING to profile each leadership position, review talent, define your “Talent Pool” and plan individual and organization development plans.
  • LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES to enable your executives to consistently lead the organization to success, and become better coaches and leaders for their teams.
  • EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT to empower your people for their personal and professional growth, and prepare them for future challenges.
  • TEAM DEVELOPMENT to foster alignment and synergy to work together more effectively towards common goals.

Change Management and Transition

Have you recently acquired a new business or merged your own and now face integration issues? Are you encountering resistance to change? Have you retained the right talent? Do you have the right leaders to make change happen? Companies acquire new businesses, merge, develop new product lines and expand into new markets. Success lies in the best management of both people and projects, and understanding how competing objectives can strengthen overall achievement. Effectuating change relies heavily on your people leadership capability and your diagnostic of employees’ competencies.


We support our clients in:

  • ORGANIZATION DESIGN to define the future operating model and leadership capabilities that fit the company structure.
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT to enable project leaders and people managers to retain and motivate the right talent while successfully implementing change.
  • STRATEGY & TRANSITION by working with your leadership team in defining strategies, creating a common focus and enabling them to translate strategy into operational efficiencies.