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Our goal: be the trusted partner in Management & Organization Development and add value to support our clients’ demanding ambitions over the long term

Affentranger Kveton + Partners Sàrl (AK+Partners) is a Swiss-based, internationally active management consultancy firm which specializes in Management & Organization Development. Founded in 1984, AK+Partners’ expertise, coupled with its strong product portfolio, has consistently enabled companies to succeed in enhancing performance and creating a lasting advantage. AK+Partners owns CATIL® Solutions and is the Certified Predictive Index Partner for the PI Behavioral Assessment® and the Learning Indicator™ in Switzerland.


Talent assessment and selection

Steer your most important people decisions with objectivity and insight: Talent Framework.

Talent Management and Development

Develop you leaders and identify talent across your organisation to build growth and success.

Change Management and Transition

Make winning strategies and plans happen! The art of Execution.

Our Services

We work with our clients to shape their organizational strategies, to build the right talent capabilities, to enhance leadership bench-strength, to align people to its culture and to create a best-in-class human resources function.
Our industry and country-specific solutions are pragmatic, sustainable and follow the guiding principle of “doing more with less”.

Success is attained through harnessing industry best practices, leveraging our global professional network and deploying a diagnostic-based talent framework to guide organizations’ people decisions with objectivity and scientific insight.

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Our Solutions

CATIL’s suite of talent assessment tools gives HR Executives and line the information they need to make fast, accurate and consistent people decisions at all levels of their organization. Backed by rigorous, scientific methods and supported by a global network of talent and recruitment specialists, organizations using CATIL soon start to realize a competitive edge in their talent attraction, recruitment and retention strategies.



CATIL Solutions                                 PI certified Partner  PI Europe Sales Team Development System  

The Predictive Index®, PI Learning Indicator™ and Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ are registered trademarks of The Predictive Index, LLC and are used on this website with permission.

Our references

We are passionate about delivering tailored, pragmatic and sustainable results with and for our clients. From start-ups to Fortune 500s, companies rely on our solutions and our team of experts to support them in their talent management and leadership development challenges.

What our clients say about us

"With their broad and in-depth business knowledge, their proven, practical experience and their intuition, Stéphanie and her executive partners greatly supported us not only in teambuilding, but mainly also in focusing on existing and new business areas, and building a respective strategy and action plan. They're a great team, and helped us becoming a great team, too!"
Simon Maurer, Skyguide, 2017
“Business is all about people in the end. And AK+Partners has played an instrumental role in establishing a high performance culture at Nespresso and raising the bar in our delivery of tangible results. Thumbs up to a great partnership.”

Maria Tkalich, Market Director, Nespresso Russia (2008-2014)

“Fast driving industrial environments require strong partners for fast decisions. Working with AK Partners and their Talent Framework, we have the right personnel or organisational decision on hand, mutually worked out, and made in a short cycle time.”

Beate Bachtrod, Honeywell


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